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For nearly a decade Wumpini Incubators has been in operation and as a result of the intense competition from the imported incubator from China and other Countries and decreasing the profitability of Incubator production in Ghana, we have managed to penetrate in the market by selling our products to individuals, groups and organizations in the country and beyond.
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  • Increase agriculture productivity in the poultry value chain through capacity building, improving input markets, and promoting strategic investments and private-public partnerships.
  • Increase the trade of electronic egg incubators and its products by improving product quality, increasing production efficiency, and improve market linkages


Our vision is to provide local products at highest levels of specifications, standards and quality while adhering to international standards.

Our mission is to be the pioneers in the Poultry industry through the continued level of production in the Value chain and quality by adopting highest levels of quality standards in other to get both customers satisfaction as well as our employees